SWBF in World Congress Neuro-rehab 2015 in Berlin

BerlinSupport for SWBF in World Congress Neuro-rehab 2015, Berlin. 19-23 June. There were 2 scientific presentations on stroke research where Dr Sakel expressed optimism of taking these work further with support of & collaboration with SWBF. There was also personal pledge of support from global leads in the neuroscience care who wore the lapel of SWBF to demonstrate their solidarity with SWBF. Prominent among them include Professor Andy Haig, Michigan University, USA & President International Rehab Forum (IRF), Prof Jim Gosney, Chair of Disaster Relief committee of ISPRM, Dr Klemen, Chair of European Rehab Societies & Slovenian Director for brain injury service, Karen Hoffman, PhD , Neuro-Occupational Therapy Specialist from London. Dr Sakel expressed gratitude on behalf of the SWBF for their continued support in realising the ideals of SWBF. 2 more scientific papers assessing the impact of the service provided by SWBF and the awareness survey have been accepted for prestigious conference in World Congress for Neurology, Chile 2015 November & American Congress of Rehab Medicine, Dallas, Oct, 2014.

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