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Photo-B'desh-Dan8The Foundation is addressing problems for elderly people and families that come about through poverty. Its primary work involves the successful operation of a homecare service in the United Kingdom for vulnerable elderly people that it has been running for a decade and a homecare service operating in Bangladesh. As well as providing care, the Foundation offers employment opportunities for women and men who are taken on from the local communities where the care service operates. This enables them to start on their own journey out of poverty and being seen and recognised as Beveridge Carers, this enhances their self-respect and gains the respect of others as one Beveridge carer says:

“My name is Subori Hambrom. I am a Christian. I have my mother, one brother and two sisters. My father passed away a while ago. Being a Christian I was jobless although I was educated. I have been employed by the Beveridge Foundation (in Bangladesh). Here Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslims – we all work together. I would like to thank this organisation particularly because it gives me the opportunity to help people. My family and I are spending our life well. I will never forget what the Beveridge Foundation did for me. “

 (see film: “Empowerment through care”)

The problem of caring for the elderly in Bangladesh is acute not least because of climatic catastrophes that have hit the country. Flooding in the south combined with the rise of the sea table, has forced many families to move north to higher ground and to seek work in the city of Dhaka.

(see film: “The water’s at the door”)

The population of Dhaka is currently around 30 million and rising and the services provided are unable to cope with demand. Families find they are unable to care for elderly relatives, as they need to be out earning money for food and a roof over their heads. These problems can cause immense strain leading to breakdowns in family life and the lowering of respect for the elderly. Elderly people become neglected and can suffer abuse to the extent that their quality of life is seriously affected.

Yet help with very simple personal care activities such as bathing, washing hair, cleaning clothes, exercising etc can radically enhance their quality of life. This is the free secular personal homecare service that Beveridge Carers provide.

The Homecare Project in Bangladesh is a blueprint for homecare projects to be established in other parts of the country – in the cities of Chittagong, Sylhet and Khulna – as well as a platform for launching into other parts of Asia and beyond.

The Foundation is also addressing the urgent need of diagnosis, care and treatment of people with dementia – a growing and pressing worldwide time bomb.

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