Panel members with Julia Unwin CBE, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (centre)

Panel members with Julia Unwin CBE, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (centre)

The Beveridge Society is the public relations arm of the Foundation. It organises national and international events, such as lectures, conferences, debates and forums, sometimes in conjunction with appropriate partners like other charitable organisations for the purposes of public discussion and to help the Foundation develop its thinking and work in order to achieve its objectives. Members of the British and other governments and world specialists in particular fields such as health and social care, education and economic development are invited to take part in these events. The Inaugural Conference of the Society took place in London in November 2007 on the theme: ‘What would William Beveridge do now?’

“Were Sir William Beveridge alive today I think he would be grappling with the complex issues surrounding the inter-relationship between the tax and benefit systems. Throughout the 1980s I believed this was the crucial issue and though progress has been made in the last 17 years there are still too many injustices, anomalies and disincentives within the present system. I hope the Foundation will contribute to debate in this area.”
Lord David Owen, 2007

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