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The Sir William Beveridge Foundation is a UK-registered charity that was founded in 2006 by Rahman Jilani. The Head Office is based in London UK and it has an operations office in Dhaka, Bangladesh that was established in 2007. A Management Board oversees the administration and financial activities in conjunction with the Executive Director who is responsible for the overall management of the whole organisation. The Head of Operations in the Dhaka office is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Foundation's practical projects in that country. The Foundation’s Dhaka office was established in the heart of the city in 2007. It has approval to operate from the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh. There are 41 permanent staff at the office with a number of co-ordinators and supervisors covering the work of care staff and other staff such as those employed at the Beveridge Foundation School for Children situated in the city. The Foundation opened a satellite office in Sylhet, Bangladesh in January 2012 and has started a homecare operation in the city and surrounding districts based on experience gained with the service in Dhaka. The Management Board exercises all the powers of the Foundation as laid out in the Memorandum of Association. The Board members and trustees bring experience, knowledge and standing that is compatible with the aims of the Foundation and provide valuable input into its effective management. The Executive Director of the Foundation reports directly to the Management Board.

Rahman JilaniRezaur Rahman: Executive Chairman 
Rahman- a very senior social worker by profession is the Founder of the Sir William Beveridge Foundation. Born and educated in Bangladesh, gaining two degrees including an MA in Public Administration Rahman moved to the UK where he undertook further Postgraduate Degrees from London University and also studied to become a qualified social worker. From 1983-2004 he was Deputy Warden at Toynbee Hall in East London and Director of Education in Toynbee’s Asian Studies Department. He writes regularly for newspapers in Bangladesh and various publications in London including presenting a very popular weekly chat show TV programme in one of the Sky satellite TV for western European viewers.   “I had been aware of Sir William Beveridge and his ideas before I arrived in Britain,” says Rahman. “Through my work in the years since I made it my home, I have come to appreciate even more just what a great visionary he was. His 1942 report heralded a new approach to the meaning and quality of life in Britain and it provided people with the means to improve their own lives that in turn benefited our society. While his vision has provided a blueprint for a fairer and more caring society in Britain, I believe it can also be pursued in other countries. If they adopted such an approach then we would have a much happier world.”

Altamash HasanAltamash Hasan: Executive Vice Chairman
Altamash Hasan has been working as the Executive Vice Chairman of Sir William Beveridge Foundation since March 2015. Prior to his role as the EVC, he was working as an Advisor to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and was closely associated with its formation in 2006. Mr Hasan has the first-hand experience of working in the care sector in the UK and well versed in the requirements of the UK’s Care Quality Commission. He, therefore, plays an active role in guiding the Foundation’s work in the care sector in Bangladesh and ensuring that the services are up to UK standards. Mr Hasan is also involved with the Tea Sector in Bangladesh and is a Central Committee Member of the Bangladesh Tea Association. He is also a member of the Labour Welfare Sub-Committee of the Association which works on matters relating to labour welfare of the Bangladesh Tea Sector.  He also leads the Board of Trustees of N.H.Zahid Academy as Chair which is running a Primary School in Sylhet, Bangladesh for the underprivileged children of that community. Other than his passion for voluntary work, Mr Hasan is the Managing Director of Planters Group which has business interests in Tea Manufacturing, Tea Brokerage and the Property sector in Bangladesh.

Head of Operations, BangladeshMaj Gen (ret'd) Jiban Kanai Das: Country Director, Bangladesh
Jiban has a Master’s degree in Defence Studies after studying in Bangladesh. During 36 years of service to his country, he held a number of senior positions including Director General of the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies; Commandant, Bangladesh Ordnance Factories; Quarter Master General, Bangladesh Army and, for a time, served as an advisor in the office of the Bangladesh Prime Minster. His training and study activities during his distinguished career took him to the UK, Malyasia, China and Thailand.

Tanzir KhanTanzir Khan: UN Representative
Tanzir Khan, popularly known as Tanzir, was born and brought up in Bangladesh and now living in the United States of America. He achieved his Masters in Business Administration degree from the Washington University of Virginia, USA, having the first degree in Business Administration from North South University, Bangladesh. A talented person, and by heart a 'humanist', he currently works as an Information Technology Consultant in the USA. His love for humanity and vision for creating a better society, he worked in several private organizations in the USA and Bangladesh but never forgot his thirst for it. Since his student life, he has been involved with several social works organizations in Bangladesh. By heart, he is a hardcore social worker, a humanist who loves to work for a better society. He was involved with organizing teams of so many events in Bangladesh and the USA. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations and stay in tune with the latest Technologies. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action in line with his aspiration for social vulnerability, disparity and discrimination have prevailed with a sustainable and enduring practicality.

Jackline Teresa Gomes: Ambassador of US & UN Representative
Jackline Teresa Gomes was born in Bangladesh. She received her MSS in Sociology from Dhaka University and an MBA from North South University. She has 13 years of work experience at Grameenphone Ltd, a leading multinational company, in the management position of Customer Division where her role was to manage business operation, human relations, product development, legal aspects of business & team development and motivations. Apart from her professional life, she has been involved with educational institutions and voluntary work since 1990. She was also very much involved with different social and charitable activities such as contributing in natural disasters by distributing clothes and food, collecting donations, and financially aiding the poor and orphans. Aside from her generous pursuit, she is filled with enthusiasm and is extremely dedicated to the society and human rights.

DR SakelDr M. Sakel: Global Ambassador 
Dr M Sakel FRCP– Global Ambassador of Sir William Beveridge Foundation UK graduated as a physician in 1991, he now advises the NHS England and Clinical Support Unit for neuro-rehab service provision for Kent & Medway County. He leads the East Kent Neuro Rehabilitation Unit at Canterbury City for East Kent University NHS Hospital as its Director & Consultant Physician since 2003 with clinical and research interest includes rehabilitation and Neuro-modulation of brain injury, stroke, spasticity, Brain Computer Interface, Minimally Conscious State. He was the Director for R & D and Board Member of the East Kent University hospital and an executive member of the Kent County regional Research network Board from 2008-2012. He published and completed multiple research projects on spasticity, patient experience, MND. He has completed several multi-national researches with UK US, Canada & EU countries.  He was the audit lead for the Medical Directorate up to 2009. He regularly organises regional multidisciplinary conferences. His teaching programme includes vising scholars from Spain & UK Universities. He is a Steering Committee Member of International Rehab Forum, Kent Brain Injury Forum and a Fellow of American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. He was elected twice as member (National Committee) of the Medical Academic Staff Committee of British Medical Association (UK) for 2012-14. In that role he advised on various UK legislation and represented 27 EU Medical Associations in EU Parliament. As a visiting lecturer he speaks in United Nation Agency for spinal injury and on Dementia care. To know more about his researches please click here.

Karen Saunders: Global Neuro-therapy Advisor
Karen works as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology and has over 15 years clinical experience of treating individuals with a wide range of neurological disabilities, alongside of other pathologies including Dementia.  She has gained extensive knowledge and expertise from working within a Neuro-rehabilitation centre of excellence in Oxford, large acute university teaching hospitals, community hospitals and services, and a leading private neurological clinic.  Karen works in both the National Health Service (NHS) and within her own independent neuro-physiotherapy practice. Karen holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Biology from British Universities and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and Health Care Professions Council within the United Kingdom (UK). In 2014, Karen received the Runner Up prize for Clinical Leadership in the prestigious National Advancing Healthcare Awards in London, for designing and delivering an innovative interactive learning workshop to a range of health and social care staff focused on improving the quality of care for patients at Cirencester NHS Hospital. As an award-winning candidate, she is listed on this website: with a brief summary of her work project. Within the role of a registered Learning Champion with the CSP, Karen leads and contributes to the education and training of qualified neuro-physiotherapists in the UK and also acts as an associate lecturer at the University of the West of England in Bristol. She is passionate about education and how learning experiences can form the basis of positive cultural change by empowering individuals, families and communities to grow and develop to overcome the challenges of an increasingly polarised society. Karen is a member of the Society of Rehabilitation Research and is committed to building further knowledge and understanding of how we can rebuild our lives after neurological disease or illness. She feels honoured to be invited to play a supporting role with this and join the Sir William Beveridge Foundation.

Rezaul Karim: Ambassador of Spain & Portugal
Mr. Rezaul Karim, very popularly known as Mithu Bhai is a Bangladeshi by birth, a financial market analyst and a businessman living in Spain for last 23 years. He obtained his first degree in commerce from the University of Dhaka and post graduate degree in Economics from the University of Delhi.His study and work took him to a lot of places but he finally settled in Spain where he received his post-graduation on Block Chain Engineering and Financial Market Analytics. He also had his professional Diploma in Advanced Forex Trading. Karim served Moviltablex Madrid and IBAST Trade Intl. as their Managing Director for 11 years. Currently he is the group Technical Market Analyst of Santander Bank of Spain and also engaged in International Trade personally. A very sharp mind armed with the spirit and vigour of serving his beloved motherland- Bangladesh and vulnerable people in distress,  he happily accepted invitation from our Chairman - Rahman Jilani  PH.D who lives in the UK,  to join as an Ambassador for Spain and Portugal for the Beveridge Foundation in order to highlight, create and generate the core spirit of the Foundation- “Serving the Humanity.” His special focus would be on the subject of organizing the expatriates residing in those two countries for the propagation of the foundation’s work and create a support network with the mainstream similar organization in those two countries.

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