About us

The Sir William Beveridge Foundation is a UK-born international charity that seeks to address the problems that come with pervasive and grinding poverty. To address the impact that old age, disability, lack of education for all ages, societal discrimination against women and unhealthy living such as poor diet; lack of knowledge about certain diseases and how to prevent them or deal with them all have on poverty levels, how they keep people trapped in poverty and how they are detrimental to the effective involvement of people in the civic, political and entrepreneurial aspects of their communities, their countries and the wider world.

The Foundation bases its work on the initiation and delivery of practical projects under three principal areas: Health and Social care, Empowerment and Education.

At the core is its desire to show how, in providing people with the right tools and the right support where and when they need it, they can be encouraged to live a life that includes hope, dignity, confidence and self-esteem coupled with an ability to care about and help others. Also, to help people feel part of a community, to feel they are useful members of a society and to look after their families.

The Foundation believes that by basing its work on the ideals of the Welfare State that were introduced into the United Kingdom through William Beveridge and his 1942 Report, translating them into a modern context and spreading them gradually across the globe will help to form better societies. To read about our Foundation people

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